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Thorough Vehicle Maintenance & Oil Change Services

Drive safely wherever your vehicle takes you. Stay up-to-date with your vehicle maintenance and oil change needs — visit Midtown Auto Center in Kingman, Arizona.

Vehicle Maintenance

Make sure your car lasts and drive at the highest level of efficiency possible. We provide many maintenance services, such as oil changes, brake checks, and general inspections of your vehicle.

Oil Changes

We recommend that you bring in your vehicle for an oil change every 4,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on the type of car or truck you drive. During every oil change, we provide additional inspection services that address the following features:

• Headlights
• Taillights
• Obvious Oil or Water Leaks
• Brakes
• Tire Pressure
• Windshield Wipers
• Belts & Hoses

Following a general visual inspection of the vehicle, we provide a report that lets you know the condition of your vehicle. You may use this report to decide what you want us to fix. We normally use a synthetic blend during oil changes, but we accommodate special requests.

In the Car Bay - Vehicle Maintenance

Tire Rotations

When we provide tire rotation service, we check your brakes at no extra charge. We suggest looking at the maintenance plans of your automobile to determine when tire rotations are needed. Our own rule of thumb is to rotate the tires during every other oil change.

Request our attentive vehicle maintenance and oil change services by contacting us in Kingman, Arizona.